Meet the Farmers

Gregory Hodgdon
Gregory was born and raised in North Carolina.  His childhood was spent adventuring in the forests of the piedmont and many of the skills he learned would later become useful on the farm.  Gregory attended the University of North Carolina - Wilmington and graduated with a degree in Parks and Recreation.  After several odd jobs he decided to pursue his interest in sustainable agriculture and took an apprentice position at Fickle Creek Farm.  While working long hours in the fields, Greg and Juliann formed a plan to start a business together and thus Red-Tailed Farm was born.

Juliann Janies
Juliann has wanted to be a farmer for as long as she can remember. After earning her Bachelor's degree in Animal Science from Michigan State University, she worked in scientific research for nearly a decade developing new vaccines. In 2013 she left that career behind to pursue her true passion. First as a student of the Green String Institute in Petaluma, CA and then as an apprentice on a variety of progressive farms around the country, she acquired the vital knowledge and skills to run a successful agricultural venture. It was at one of these farms, Fickle Creek Farm in Efland, NC where her and Gregory met and realized that together they could form an awesome business partnership. Juliann primarily looks after the health, nutrition and breeding of the livestock as well as keeping all the books in order.

The Dogs
Damian (Hound mix), Cypress (Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog), Pistol (Beagle) and Cheddar (Barn cat)