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Pastured Chicken and Duck Eggs
Our chickens and ducks spend their days joyfully foraging for bugs and plants as we rotate them around the farm. Not only are they able to meet up to 25% of their nutritional requirements this way, but they also help to control weed and pest populations. And all that fresh vegetation in their diet means a higher percentage of beneficial Omega-3 fatty acids in our eggs. Our mobile coop is moved every few days in order to spread their manure evenly and fertilize the soil so that even healthier growth can emerge. We supplement their diet with a custom milled, non-GMO and soy-free feed and never give any antibiotics or added hormones. And of course we never use any pesticides or chemical fertilizers anywhere on our property.

Chicken Eggs: Mixed Size $6, Jumbo $7 per Dozen

Duck Eggs: $10 per Dozen, $6 per Half Dozen


Forest-Raised Pork  Cuts of Pork and Price List here
Pigs love nothing more than to root through the forest in search of hidden treasures to feast on like worms, acorns and leaves. We provide at least an acre of forest for each small group of pigs, which we buy as babies from a local breeder and keep them with their littermates for their entire life. By allowing our pigs to express natural behaviors such as rooting in a social and stimulating environment, we provide them with a very high quality of life. We believe this translates to the very best tasting pork. Our pigs are treated daily to veggie scraps from the garden, cracked eggs from our flock, spent brewer's grains from a local brewery and a Non-GMO, Soy-Free swine feed to ensure complete nutrition.

Grass-Fed Lamb  Cuts of Lamb and Price List Here
Our flock of Katadhin sheep are moved daily to fresh pasture, allowing them to make the most efficient use of the diverse vegetation our land has to offer. This method of intensively managed rotational grazing minimizes the impact on the land and greatly reduces the animals' exposure to parasites or disease. Our lambs are born and raised their entire lives on our farm and are even allowed to stay with their mothers to minimize stress as they grow. They feast only on fresh grass and other vegetation for most of the year, supplemented by hay and alfalfa in the winter.

Pastured Rabbit

We raise rabbits year round on a Non-GMO, Soy-Free diet and finish them on pasture in order to produce some of the most sustainable meat available. Our rabbits are born, raised and processed on the farm to ensure they have the highest quality of life with the least amount of stress possible. This lean white meat is a favorite among the health conscious as it contains almost no fat. Rabbit can be prepared any way you would cook a chicken, although the delicate meat has a far more complex flavor.

Packaged whole and priced at $10/lb. Typically 3-4 lbs.

Pastured Heritage Turkey

For the Holiday season we offer Heritage Bourbon Red Turkeys, raised on pasture and processed by hand right here on the farm. These hearty birds are excellent foragers and love the freedom to find their own food. They are rotated to fresh grass daily in our homemade turkey tractor, following right behind the grazing sheep and goat herd, allowing them to break up the manure and eat any bugs left behind. We also feed a custom milled Non-GMO, Soy-Free diet in order to produce the most flavorful and healthy meat possible.
Limited Supply - Reserve Yours for the Holidays Now!

Packaged whole and priced at $8/lb. Average weight of 6-14 lbs dressed.

Pastured Duck

A rare treat in our area, we are pleased to offer delectable pasture-raised duck. We raise small batches of meat ducks as our mixed flock grows, comprised of little Indian Runners (2-3 lbs) and the larger Muscovy (4-6 lbs). Fed a Non-GMO, Soy-Free diet and rotated daily on pasture, our ducks spend their days lounging in their pond or burrowing in the dirt for slugs. Occasionally we even see them stretching their wings and taking a flight around the farm.

Packaged whole and priced at $10/lb. Weights range from 2 to 6 lbs dressed.

Custom Woodworking

Using reclaimed barnwood and locally milled lumber we are able to create truly unique handcrafted furniture and decorative wood pieces, such as Viking-style chairs, display cabinets, wooden frames and kitchen magnets. We further enhance the natural beauty of the wood through electropyrography, utilizing electricity to etch Lichtenberg fractal patterns onto the surface, resembling lightning or tree branches. This eye-catching design turns any piece of furniture into a conversation starter that is sure to impress.

Leather Goods
Using recycled remnants and old horse harnesses we produce a variety of leather goods. From keychains and earrings to belts and holsters, we cut, stitch and decorate everything by hand. Custom design etching and engraving available on most pieces.